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Maritime Training

Available Maritime Curricula and Assessments  

NCCER curricula--including the Maritime curricula--is modularized, industry-driven, task-based, and standardized, which insures that everyone is teaching to the same standard. Developed with input from Subject Matter Experts from NMEC's membership base and published by Pearson, each task-oriented module can be used for specific task training, remediation, or as part of larger courses of study such as those offered by formal apprenticeship programs, high schools, and community colleges. 


The Maritime titles currently available are listed below. Click the link(s) that follow(s) each description to view the the modules covered in that title. Click the Find Out More buttons to visit a title's resource page, which includes Course Planning Tools, including Competencies/Objectives Lists and Performance Profiles, Equipment and Material lists, and Assessment Specifications, if available. 

Maritime Core - Set

The Maritime Core package includes both the NCCER Core Curriculum and Intro to the Maritime Industry module. The NCCER Core is a prerequisite for all maritime titles.


Structural Fitter - Full Three-Level Program & Assessment

Maritime Structural Fitter is a three-level program.  The recent release of the Structural Fitter assessment and performance verification completes the program.  

Maritime Pipefitter - Two Levels of a Four-Level Program

Maritime Pipefitting is a four-level program.  To date, the first two levels of the program have been funded. Click the Level 1 and Level 2 links below to see what modules are covered in each level.

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