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Our Strategy

A National, Industry-Driven Maritime Workforce System. 

Modularized, Industry-Driven, Task-Based, Standardized Curricula 

Industry-driven, standards-based curricula insures that everyone is teaching to the same standard. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from NMEC's membership base provide input into curricula and assessment development. Each task-oriented module can be used for specific task training, remediation, or as part of larger courses of study such as those offered by formal apprenticeship programs, high schools, and community colleges.

Portable Stackable Skills Credentials

Industry-recognized credentials provide students and production craft professionals with national, portable credentials.

A Proven System to Certify Individuals through Validated Knowledge and Skill Assessments 

NCCER’s National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP) allows employers and other organizations to use assessments to help them determine the skill levels of their workers.  NCCER offers two levels of certification--Knowledge Verified and Performance Verified.  Knowledge verified credentials are awarded to craft professionals who pass a written assessment. Performance verified assessment are used to determine hands-on skills qualifications.  A Craft Worker who passes both assessments are awarded a Certified Plus credential.

Maritime Craft workers who take an assessment receive a “targeted, “ task-specific training prescription that outlines strengths and deficiencies, which they can use to upgrade their competency levels.  Training prescriptions allow shipyards to offer task-specific module-based training to elevate the competency level of their workers.

A Proven System to Train and Certify Instructors

The Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) ensures the uniform and consistent delivery of training.  Through this program, NCCER certifies the Master Trainer, who in turn certifies the local Craft Instructor. This network of certified instructors assures that training programs meet the standards of instruction set by the industry. 

A Proven System of Accreditation to Ensure Quality

Several types of Accreditation are available including Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS), Accredited Training and Education Facility (ATEF), and Accredited Assessment Center (AAC).

A National Registry

NCCER’s National Registry System, a secure database, maintains training and assessment transcripts on individuals who successfully complete an NCCER standardized training program conducted by an accredited organization or an assessment.  The Registry System is accessible online and gives individuals immediate access to their personal training history. Shipyard personnel can access the system to confirm training and assessment activities for new hires as well as the training and development needs of their incumbent workforce. 

A Sustained Career Awareness, Industry Image, and Recruitment Initiative

Build Your Future or BYF is NCCER’s premiere awareness, recruiting, and retention initiative. With career paths and resources specifically designed for students; student influencers such as parents, teachers and counselors; returning military; and women; the program is fully customizable based on the industry sector, including shipbuilding and ship repair.  

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