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Who We Are

Our mission.  Our vision.  Our priorities.


Our mission is to lead the maritime industry in the development, promotion, and implementation of a national maritime workforce development system that includes standardized craft training processes and portable credentials.


To provide a comprehensive, standardized, nationally recognized and universally available workforce development system that will lead to a pipeline of highly training and productive workers while reducing costs for the maritime industry.


Working in collaboration with our member yards and through our partnership with NCCER, our priorities are to

Establish a system of career awareness and recruiting that will allow the industry to speak with one voice and deliver a consistent message to students, student influencers, the underemployed, returning military and women.

Establish and implement an industry-wide, comprehensive, standardized training and credentialing system for maritime craft professionals.

Grow a pipeline of skilled craft professionals trained and credentials through an industry-driven, uniform process.

Improve industry outcomes by developing a better skilled, safer, more productive workforce.

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