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Member Responsibilities

In addition to the financial investment, members play an important role in NMEC by:

Providing direction for development activities.

Supporting curricula/assessment development activities by providing subject matter expertise.

Annual Investment Levels

With the exception of Affiliate and Academic members, NMEC takes a tiered approach to membership dues based on the average annual number of full-time employees.  Dues are used for NMEC operations and the continued development and promotion of the national workforce system envisions by our members.

Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Offshore Marine, and Skilled Trade Providers

Tier 1 Companies

(Employing 20,000+)


Tier 2 Companies

(Employing 15,000-19,999*)


Tier 3 Companies

(Employing 10,000-14,999*)


Tier 4 Companies

(Employing 5,000-9,999*)


Tier 5 Companies

(Employing 2,000-4,999*)


Tier 6 Companies

(Employing 1,000-1,999*)


Tier 7 Companies

(Employing 500-999*)


Tier 8 Companies

(Employing 250-499*)


Tier 9 Companies

(Employing 100-249*)


Tier 10 Companies

(Employing <100*)


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Affiliates (Trade Associations, Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Professional Service Companies, etc.)

Annual Investment


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Training Providers (State Education Systems, High Schools, Community Colleges, Proprietary Training Providers)

Annual Investment


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*Based on assessable employees at all member shipyard facilities under the same corporate ownership for the previous year ending September 30 of each year. For shipyards and offshore marine companies, "Assessable Employees" are those employees engaged in all vessel construction, repair, ship breaking, and cleaning operations including production workers, related office and administrative employees, supervisory personnel and executives. For skilled trade providers, "Assessable Employees" are considered full-time employees.

Invest in NMEC

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